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Roses Are Red

Roses Are Red

Hello readers,

Today I show you my first spring outfit. The typical spring in Moscow is very changeable, and however today is the 8th of April, unfortunately a weather can’t please stable sunshine and heat. So while my Instagram feed is full of blooming blossoms and beauties wearing dresses I show you the warm outfit for spring. A key detail is a red peach basket hat with a veil by Lilia Fisher. I like its an unusual form—it’s not a peach basket in a classic conception, more noticeable brim make it looks a little bit like a cloche.

I decided to create the emphasized romantic look and complemented the hat with a black Oasis coat, a velvet burgundy bag and red roses. Drapes on the back of the coat and seams on stockings great accentuate the romantic outfit.

I hope you enjoy photos and GIFs!

Makeup, hairstyle, styling by me.
Coat — Oasis.
Hat — Lilia Fisher.
Bag — an unknown brand from Ebay.
Blouse — ADL.
Skirt — A.M.N.
Heels — Elche.
Lipstick — MAC Retro Matte Ruby Woo.

Thank you very much for your attention!



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