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About Charlene

Hello, I’m Charlene Vondell.

Past years I came to a partial understanding of who I want to be and how I want to look like. I learned that I feel the best when I look in a certain way, when most of checkmarks in an imaginary beauty list are set. I can characterize my style like a mixture of 40—50’s with a small pinch of 20’s in a modern interpretation. I see that two main lines of my style formed themselves and alternate each other randomly. It’s a refined 50’s candy look and a dramatic and a bit provocative dark.

I’m absolutely happy if you adore classic Hollywood glamour too. We can extend in our minds and passion an aftersound of a bygone unlimited glamour era that seems important to me in our modern pragmatic and practical world.

Besides the big passion for retro I am interested in a graphic design, illustration and to a lesser degree a photography. I work as a graphic designer in a creative agency and really delighted by working with colors, fonts and shapes.

Welcome to my blog!